The Nurse and Doctor

Spirit help is just a step away and commonly behind the scenes in our everyday physical world. Spirit help can be from all kinds of workers and in this experience, it is with a nurse and doctor.

From years of stress and difficulties, my aura and physical body became weakened and my health was not so good. The flu and then pneumonia began to take me over. As I sat on the couch one evening, I saw a female guide sitting next to me and tell that they were monitoring me. A day or two later I was not able to breathe very well whenever I took a couple of steps. I went off to the hospital which was overfilled with flu patients at the time.

Then after two weeks, I was ok enough to return home. On a sunny day, as I sat on the couch, I drifted in and out of a deep state for a few seconds at a time. While in that state I popped out of body a few inches. With clear awareness, I could see some objects in the room take on a glow from the sunlight. My wife was quietly sitting on the other end of the couch and out in front of me was a spirit doctor smiling at me. He looked to my wife and then back to me. I then went back into body.

A few weeks later I had to return to the hospital for a minor operation. The night before the operation I visited an operating room (in spirit – OBE) and noticed the surroundings and saw several people there and a doctor with a face mask on. He was upset and told me that the operation did not go as planned and that I would have to have another operation.

The next day when I was rolled into the operating room I noticed it was the same as I had seen the night before. Several people were preparing things and I saw a student doctor I knew getting me ready. Suddenly the main doctor stuck his head into my view, wearing a mask, and said a few things and continued. After I awakened back in the room the doctor, upset, came and told me that the operation did not go as planned and would have to be done again.

So the operation was scheduled again a few weeks later. I again saw the doctor (in spirit) the night before but this time he said everything would be fine and I would have very little pain which is how it turned out.

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