The Next Wave

Accompanied by a spirit teacher, we visited an area of heaven where many spiritual groups of people have gathered. Each group had different spiritual beliefs but were in sync with each other, meaning their paths were different but each good and ended up at the same point in a soul’s journey.

I saw a list of 10 or more group names, all seemed very familiar to me in the upper spiritual realms but not familiar with any earthly names. As in other experiences, as I read each name the memory of it disappeared.

They were discussing the preparation for the next or future life wave of souls to incarnate into the earth, which would be some time after the current events (13) become completed. The people were of a similar vibration and understanding, showing kindness and compassion towards all. You could say that this is “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.

Spirit Pets


Snowflake was black with a white spot on her forehead. She was named Snowflake partly because of her appearance and partly because she showed up one day right after a big snowstorm having climbed over a snowdrift screaming for help and food.

Some years later while painting in a home a spirit cat (black just like Snowflake) showed up playing in the room. The homeowner said they never had any cats, just dogs as pets. It appeared that snowflake was at home taking a catnap and had traveled out-of-body to me at work. Eventually, Snowflake had to go on to the other side. Not uncommon, she visited off and on for a few weeks and then moved on.


Paws and I got along very well, but he was hit by a car and passed on. Shortly after, Paws would visit in the night, purring and clawing the pillow above my head which is something Paws never did nor would be allowed to do. Since Paws was now in spirit, he maybe figured he could do this but was very courteous not to make a noise or disturb me, waiting until I awakened myself. As all pets do, Paws eventually moved on into the higher realms for new life adventures until we meet again.

The Wind Spirit

It was a bright sunny day, and there were very high gusts of winter wind hitting against the farm house. Cold air would slip through the old wooden windows as they rattled every time a gust hit them. I found myself hovering above my body when waking from an early morning dream just as big gust of wind hit and I saw a face come with it through a window and stone wall. The distorted human-like face seemed to be confused as to what had happened and where it was. We looked at each other for a moment in surprise, and then the face left going onward to wherever the rest of the wind was heading.

Out in the fields were two other wind spirits. One was smaller like this and the other triple the size, which felt to be older or more in charge. The 3 of them had been traveling together.

Journey to Somewhere

This OBE experience took place in 1980 when I was already accustomed to traveling, but in this case, it was more automatic than I was to decide where my destination would be. It is provided here as a poem.

From my room through the air
I was blown by a wind
it carried me to a quiet town
I had not seen or been

I stepped across the street
to a park on the other side
and came upon a baker’s shop
that caught my searching eye

A few people stood by the window
and we all looked in
as a lonely young girl
placed a cake within

Slowly through the window
I put my arms and hands
to see what I could feel
as if I had this planned

The girl raised her head
and gave to me a smile
as if to say to me
won’t you please stay awhile

I smiled back
and went on not too far
then skimmed across the street
nearly being hit by a car

An older man was driving
his hair was short and gray
I could see the way he felt
was better he did not say

The wind picked me up again
back to my room I returned
to awaken from a journey
to where I may never learn

* The wind is called the Astral Wind. While standing outside my body in the room, I could hear and feel it as it swept me off to the town which took maybe 5-10 seconds to reach.

* Through the window/arms and hands: It was a sticky or clammy kind of feeling which I have experienced before when only able to move my arms and hands or legs out of body.

* Location Traveled to – If you’re familiar with the different levels surrounding the earth it would not be the astral plane nor the higher most levels but a level in-between.

* Everything happens for a reason, and the reason here was to show me this area of life. A pre-planned experience by spiritual teachers in the higher realms.

Floating Above Body

It was dead silent, in the middle of the night, as I awakened in confusion as to where I was. There was a strange area lit up by a dim light, but couldn’t make out what or where I was. Then I opened my eyes, confused because I thought my eyes were open, as lying there studying the ceiling and walls in the room. After recognizing an area now at a different angle and further away it became evident the only way I could have seen this the first time was if I stood on a step-ladder! A porch light outside was creating odd shapes on the ceiling and wall, and I had awakened floating about 4 feet above my body.

Floating above the body one or several inches or even four feet, is part of a very natural process that all souls incarnate do on occasion during the night. What is uncommon is having awareness during the experience. To an inexperienced OBE traveler, it has sometimes been mistaken as the physical body levitating and one stage of the process has been called ‘sleep paralysis’ or confused with some sort of disease.

The Nurse and Doctor

Spirit help is just a step away and commonly behind the scenes in our everyday physical world. Spirit help can be from all kinds of workers and in this experience, it is with a nurse and doctor.

From years of stress and difficulties, my aura and physical body became weakened and my health was not so good. The flu and then pneumonia began to take me over. As I sat on the couch one evening, I saw a female guide sitting next to me and tell that they were monitoring me. A day or two later I was not able to breathe very well whenever I took a couple of steps. I went off to the hospital which was overfilled with flu patients at the time.

Then after two weeks, I was ok enough to return home. On a sunny day, as I sat on the couch, I drifted in and out of a deep state for a few seconds at a time. While in that state I popped out of body a few inches. With clear awareness, I could see some objects in the room take on a glow from the sunlight. My wife was quietly sitting on the other end of the couch and out in front of me was a spirit doctor smiling at me. He looked to my wife and then back to me. I then went back into body.

A few weeks later I had to return to the hospital for a minor operation. The night before the operation I visited an operating room (in spirit – OBE) and noticed the surroundings and saw several people there and a doctor with a face mask on. He was upset and told me that the operation did not go as planned and that I would have to have another operation.

The next day when I was rolled into the operating room I noticed it was the same as I had seen the night before. Several people were preparing things and I saw a student doctor I knew getting me ready. Suddenly the main doctor stuck his head into my view, wearing a mask, and said a few things and continued. After I awakened back in the room the doctor, upset, came and told me that the operation did not go as planned and would have to be done again.

So the operation was scheduled again a few weeks later. I again saw the doctor (in spirit) the night before but this time he said everything would be fine and I would have very little pain which is how it turned out.

Within is where the illusion of time and space are revealed, and a Dream, Vision or Deja Vu are glimpses into reality and the Hall of the Akashic Records.

Sonic Travel

I was with a male spirit teacher in an area that seemed to be a border area of the Astral and Upper Region of heaven. The surroundings were dimly lit, plain dark/gray but clean or clear of any signs of rubbish which is common of the lower end of the astral. The teacher began to explain to me the method of travel of a device that lay on the ground in front of us. I noticed a town or village not too far off to the left that had a slight glow to it in the dark surroundings. It was mentioned that the town was a research center.

The teacher spoke about the device as newer technology. It was for sonic travel, to quickly travel great distances in a short time. As the teacher continued to talk we stepped onto the device. It was similar to a conveyor belt, maybe 15 or 20 feet in length and disappeared off into the darkness. As we were moving slowly after stepping on I noticed a couple of others from the Town join us, carrying on a conversation between each other.

This was in answer to questions I had about traveling across the galaxy or universe and the amount of time it takes. This had bothered me as I had read some writings from the 1700’s that spoke of taking days (physical time) to travel to a certain planet (OBE). This made no sense to me since I had over the years had no such travel that took more than what appeared to be seconds or minutes.

However, on one occasion a few years before this spirit teacher meeting, I had experienced traveling what seemed to be to the other side of the universe to meet with a man who shared information on pyramids to use with experiments I was working on at that time. There was clear memory of having traveled to a point in this galaxy and from there a large gap and then reaching the other side of universe. There was a strange distortion or serious condensed time feeling in that gap which could have easily been travel using the Sonic Travel and the amount of time could easily have been days. Time difference is confusing since time as we see it on the physical is an illusion. Days in spirit could possible pass and they feel and look like days while on the physical plane it could just be a matter of seconds or minutes.

In Times of Disaster

When people pass over they are often assisted by friends, loved ones or heavenly helpers on the other side. The same occurs when disasters happen, such as the September 11 attacks, where many people at one time pass over except that you will also find spiritual workers who are incarnate or recently incarnate assisting souls onward. Passing over in a disaster is more of a shock and many souls are confused as to where they are and what is going on or where to go. Those spiritual workers are closer to the physical plane vibrations making it easier for them to be there on the astral to guide the souls onward to where others are waiting to assist, making the process go much smoother. I was shown a similar event where hundreds of confused or dismayed souls could be seen scattered all about a grey misty area on the astral level. Spiritual workers came to their aid to guide them onward.

Some months before Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I was taken (OBE) to a large room that looked like a control center with a map of the United States on the far wall. A man was sitting on a stool in the middle of the room while several others were busy doing work like they were getting set up. The man told me, as I looked to the map and saw what he meant, that centers are being set up above certain cities on a higher level for assisting in the coming events. They were a focal or gathering point for that area and surrounding areas. These locations were above cities only in the southern/eastern part of the USA and had to do with coming events, mainly flooding. It’s 2019 now and some of these events have already occurred but more are still to come.

Divine Pink Cloud

When waking from an early morning dream, I found myself hovering slightly above my body (OBE), with full awareness. I noticed on the ceiling above me a pink cloud that formed and then a paragraph of words appeared within it. I read each word to the end of the paragraph but after finishing I could not retain the memory of what I had read. The cloud and words remained for about a minute, so I read the paragraph a couple more times and still could not remember a single word. It then faded away and I returned back to my body, opened my eyes and stared at the plain ceiling.

An obvious message from the higher realms is very uplifting but also very sad when it fades from the physical mind, but I know in my soul that it remains. It is sometimes very difficult to bring back information or memory from the higher realms into the physical, even when it’s right in front of you. I think that this may be why messages or communications, even in dreams, are often given with images, scenes or symbols as they are much easier to remember.

The Book

For a few years, I worked along with a group of people from other countries in a spiritual community within an online virtual world. We never met each other in the physical but I had met with several during the night out of the body on the higher planes. One friend was not seen for a while and we became concerned he may have passed on in flooding that accrued in his country so one night I searched for an answer on the higher planes and was taken to a place where there was nothing visible except a large book on a book pedestal. A lady was standing at the book searching it then left after about 15 seconds. It was my turn and I looked at a few pages noticing the book was filled with the full names of people one after the other with an occasional blank spot for a name not yet entered. As I read each name, from one to the next, I could not retain the memory of any name (this occurred in the “Divine Pink Cloud” experience as well). The text and pages slowly vibrated as though the book was made of pure energy, partly solid and partly etheric. When I came to a particular blank spot I knew immediately that it was reserved for the missing friend. I also then knew that since his name was not entered it meant he was still on the physical plane and had not passed over. My search was finished and as beginning to leave I looked up and saw someone else who was waiting to search in the book.