Healing for The Life After

A friend who had cancer went through different medical treatments as well as alternative therapies, and I too had done energy work in her aura and chakras (energy centers). One day she phoned for assistance as she was in pain, hadn’t been able to sleep all week and the medication would not help. That night, after following the guidance received using spiritual therapy to relieve the pain, was the first night she was able to sleep all week and felt better.

About a week later the friend was taken to the hospital, it was looking to be her time to go. As walking down the hallway approaching the friend’s room I saw her (in spirit) fly through the hall. She gave me a big smile with a feeling of “look at me! I’m doing great!” I thought, “oh… she must be asleep and out flying around” and thought nothing more. When arriving at the room and about to enter I was approached and told that she had just peacefully passed away a few minutes ago.

On reflection it seemed sad that many of us tried to help her heal that she may continue to be with us here on earth, but it was her destiny to go on. The healing work everyone did was beyond our understanding. It had made her transition so much better. They say when someone passes on from this life from an illness the soul would continue to receive healing on the other side until they could regain their strength again. In the friend’s case, it was not so. The healing work everyone had done made all the difference as she was up and flying around in no time at all!

Oh, one more thing. She helped me write this.

Life After Death – Dad Revisits

July 29, 2003, after receiving a phone call that Dad was not doing well and they expected him to pass on shortly, I arrived at the retirement home to find Dad, mom, and brother. Sensing that during this stage dad was not totally in his body, there were clearly several loved ones in spirit helping him prepare for his transition.

A hospice worker that had visited him before on several occasions came in to visit. I had never met her with the exception that a month earlier she had been in a dream that represented dad’s passing. Shortly after a minister came in for a visit and sang an old hymn that was dad’s favorite. Moments later he passed.

About 20 minutes passed. It was just mom, brother and me in the room along with dad’s physical remains. Then suddenly dad and grandmother (his mom who is in spirit) entered the room through an outside wall. They did not come from the direction of higher realms or heaven but from what appeared to be a physical plane location.

Grandmother looked tall and slim, which is how she looked years ago, and no feet. Dad looked about 20 years younger than he was minutes ago except he was short but only because he had no feet or legs. Grandmother, leading dad by the hand, stopped in front of his bed while I observed sitting from behind. Grandmother had a very calm energy and looked down to the bed at dad’s remains in a solitude way. Dad was the total opposite being very much like a 5-year-old in a candy store, looking all over with excitement and not paying attention to the matter at hand. But his smile flattened for a brief moment when he saw his physical body, as though he just remembered what had happened, and looked over to mom wiping her tears. Then grandmother led dad away in another physical direction. It seemed she was giving him a tour! Possibly of all the family members and their homes.

Dad always loved playing the trumpet, played in bands in his early days and was good at it, but I never got to hear him in a band until months later when awakened one morning to the sound of a small swing band playing music. It was dad playing his trumpet in a very snazzy way along with musicians on the other side. This occurred a couple more times over the years.

No one is even driving the truck!

Off and on, for over 30 years, I worked with a friend by the name of Tom in housing construction and remodeling. We also had some of the same interests like psychic or OBE experiences, photography, nature and of course, joking around.

In April of 2019, I was OBE on the astral plane with Tom. We were putting some paint cans into the back of a truck along with two other workers*. It appeared to be the end of a day’s work and Tom, looking tired and stressed, said he had to leave or go back home but would return after the weekend. I looked around and noticed this was not some weird dream but was on the astral level as the surroundings were gloomy, no color with little light, partly leafless trees, trash or useless objects scattered all about. Very typical lower astral plane. I awakened back in my body and realized it could all represent his passing but I was confused as I always believed he would be around for a few years yet. Around the same time, another friend who had passed a few years earlier told me that Tom had passed over but I didn’t believe it.

At this time I was living in Europe and Tom was in the USA. We texted each other at least once a week but he became silent and after a few weeks of no response from him, I eventually Googled his name to see if anything popped up about him and sure enough his obituary came right up. His being on the astral like that after passing was partly a good sign that he was functioning ok but with difficulty, since he wasn’t higher up in the levels which also is a sign he was struggling. One day while mentally connecting with him he told me he could barely see me. I worked a little harder at prayers for him which may have helped him and he moved on to a higher level where it was a sunny and nice environment. I knew that this was so as on the night of September 8 I was OBE with Tom and again with a pickup truck. It was a very old truck but in very good condition. We both stood in the back and rode down a dirt road, through fields and then a small creek, laughing the whole time about things. After going through the creek Tom blurted out laughing, “and the crazy thing about this is no one is even driving the truck!”.

It was obvious Tom was doing better and finding his way around. I expect we will meet again for some more fun or maybe go fishing since, in the past, he was very big on mountain stream fly fishing.

* Two other workers – I later realized they were the same two spirit guides who have often shown up during encounters with other people or during travels in different parts of heaven.