Upper Region of Heaven

After hours of prayer and looking for answers to an old question for someone close, I fell off to sleep and awakened a couple of times during the night only to continue prayer and listening for some response.

In the morning I awoke and as I sat up a holographic scene of heaven projected about three feet out from my body into my aura. The colors were pink and white of very high cathedral type ceilings/arches as in a church except there seemed to be three or more large alters – center, left, and right. There was a lot of activity of many white forms of angels and people that were flying at different levels and moving all about the entire area.

I then knew that this is where I had been during the night. The images of the experience were in my aura and allowed to be shown that I may know things at a higher level were in progress and to trust in the outcome for the close friend I was concerned for.

Other holographic experiences…

· While viewing an Akashic record I was shown a holographic blueprint of the upper female astral body, which has the same size and shape as the physical form but without the physical skin look. After seeing this, it added to my understanding of the meaning of the physical appearance being an illusion.

· While working in the higher realms I stood next to a spirit teacher who pointed out on a holographic map of the United States 3 areas below the Great Lakes going down the map in a couple of states. The 3 areas would become centers were people would gather or move to in the future.

· During a sunny day, as moving about doing small chores in the house, my thoughts apparently triggered a response from my higher self with a large full-color scene, projected out into my aura, of the future where I would pass over with many others during a major event on the earth. Then shown hundreds of confused or lost souls floating upwards on the astral as I worked with other spirit workers to assist them to the higher realms of heaven.