The Next Wave

Accompanied by a spirit teacher, we visited an area of heaven where many spiritual groups of people have gathered. Each group had different spiritual beliefs but were in sync with each other, meaning their paths were different but each good and ended up at the same point in a soul’s journey.

I saw a list of 10 or more group names, all seemed very familiar to me in the upper spiritual realms but not familiar with any earthly names. As in other experiences, as I read each name the memory of it disappeared.

They were discussing the preparation for the next or future life wave of souls to incarnate into the earth, which would be some time after the current events (13) become completed. The people were of a similar vibration and understanding, showing kindness and compassion towards all. You could say that this is “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.

Visitors From Heaven

This took place when I was around the age of 4.

Just when going to bed one night an unpleasant numb-like burning feeling at the area between my eyes and nose began. It was extremely uncomfortable and made it difficult to fall off to sleep. Then the shapes of three persons in mist like white robes appeared standing close together next to my bed, two ladies with a man in the middle. The first thought was that this was a weird dream and so I ignored them and began to drift towards sleep. But one and then another repeatedly called my name until I paid attention. While not knowing who they were nor being able to clearly see what their faces looked like, they seemed to know me well. They began talking to me and informed me of important events that would come about later on in my life.

I was so excited by the experience and what they had said to me that I wanted to jump up out of bed and tell my brothers but stopped when I realized they would probably not understand and just laugh. So it wasn’t till about twenty years later that I shared the experience with someone.

* The numb-like feeling between my eyes was caused by what is known as the third eye opening, more precisely that the protective etheric web was being opened. The spiritual beings that had visited me opened my third eye that I may see them and receive the information they imparted.

Mother Mary

While remodeling a basement for a customer I was cutting old rusty nails, without wearing any safety glasses since what I had were too scratched up to see safely. While cutting one of the nails, it flew up and hit my eye. It was a bit of a shock, and I dropped the saw and held my hand over my eye. It began to bleed, and all I could think of was an unpleasant story I once heard of how someone lost their eye. While driving to the hospital for assistance, keeping my eye covered with a towel, I realized how awkward it was using only one eye. I then was treated in the emergency room. Luckily it was not serious, and they taped a patch over my eye, which only had to be worn for 24 hours.

I went home and finished my day stumbling around using one eye. You can be sure that when I went to sleep this night, I said prayers of thanks that things didn’t turn out a different way and thanks for having good health, two feet, legs, arms, hands, etc., and prayers for those less fortunate.

That night I was awakened from a dream by a dark-haired female spirit teacher standing to the left of my bed calling my name. I was confused as to what was going on and as I began to drift back to sleep the spirit teacher again said my name. Again I looked to her and she then, as looking to the foot of my bed, whispered that Mother Mary was there to see me. I looked to the foot of my bed and saw Mary dressed in a plain robe with a hood. Behind and off to the left of Mary I could faintly see about 6 ladies also in the room which was only lit up by a little moonlight. They also were dressed in a robe with hood but looked more like nuns. In a gentle voice, she asked how I was. I told her that everything was fine and thanked her. I felt very blessed by her visit.

When she left I said my prayers of thanks once again and prayers to all souls in need. Later on, I wondered why Mother Mary appeared this way compared to how I would expect or seen her in meditation as a divine radiant being. There had to be a message behind this as there are in most experiences. I felt she was showing that the things we often take for granted or don’t recognize, or the common and simple — especially spiritual goodness and love towards all — are truly important.

The Deva

During a three week trip across the USA, there were many different spirit encounters along the way, most while out hiking. Among those, there were five separate Deva encounters, this one being the clearest.

While near Bozeman, Montana and hiking back down a mountain after checking out a waterfall, we stopped at the halfway point. I mentioned to my friend about seeing if we could tune into the forest Deva for that area. So with the mountain top to our back, we sat down on a log right along the trail. As relaxing, we asked if the forest Deva would be willing to visit with us.

Within a minute I felt a significant presence approaching from behind, move up and over our heads and stop about 5 feet in front. It was the Deva and had a feminine energy, angelic, very loving, peaceful and kind. She had a human-angel appearance (like a Seraphim Angel), she looked about 7 foot tall, and her energy (mist like aura) easily extended about 30 feet outwards. After about a minute I lost the contact, or she had left.

Among messages that the Deva gave she had said she rather be called a Mountain Deva. Several times while leaving the mountain area and even three weeks later after returning home, I could strongly sense the Mountain Deva’s energy as she mentally connected for a brief moment.

* Devas – You could say that part of a Mountain or Forest Devas work is watching over the energies of the area and all the life, both spirit and physical, within it.

* Seraphim: To me, Seraphim Angels are of high stature and appear to be thinner and taller compared to other Angels. I have seen different Angels with wings, but so far none of the Seraphim have had wings. Though I’ve seen quite a few Seraphim, it doesn’t mean they have no wings but could be they just don’t show them.

* Mist like energy: Identical to several other Deva encounters, it was a white mist about 10 to 15 feet high and 30 feet wide.

Sarah and In-Between

It was late at night, time to get off the computer and get some sleep. But thoughts ran through my mind about what I call the in-between state.

You might say this place is between the physical and spirit realm, where one is in a very deep meditative state or more often the state where you just fall off to sleep or right before you awaken from sleep and sometimes in-between dreams. The place where we typically lose all awareness until we reawaken again. However, one often becomes aware in this in-between state through spiritual disciplines (when you spiritually awaken, gain a higher awareness, raise your consciousness.)

When starting to type some thoughts about the in-between a lady with blonde hair holding a paper appeared next to the desk. Her name was Sarah and looked totally etheric and earthly at the same time, which possibly is a sign she had been incarnate here on this earth plane recently, or still was incarnate. Her energy was with a ready and willing-to-get-to-work attitude, so we worked on a short statement about the in-between (see below).

Being exhausted that night as going off to sleep I unexpectedly found myself in that in-between state and received unyielding impressions, feelings, and images of California (have never been there). Amy (my spirit daughter) also appeared along with the information. Amy was showing me events of my future which became so. (See “Nature’s Workers”).

The In-Between State

· Where you go when you fall off to sleep except now you are awake.
· Where dreams are no longer mixed emotions but have true meaning.
· Where experiences seem, and are, more real.
· Where illusions fall away and heaven reveals itself.
· Where divine visions take place and are often difficult to retain upon returning.
· Where, if asked, “will the real you please stand up?”, you will already be standing.

More on the in-between:

* Some artists, writers, and musicians receive impressions for their work in this state.

* Thomas Edison use to meditate sitting in a chair with a rock in hand and a tin pie plate on the floor. When he reached that in-between state, he would receive, for example, the next step in an invention. Instead of falling off to sleep and forgetting the information, the rock in his hand would fall onto the pie plate and reawaken him; then he could remember the information given.

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.
Then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction. (Job: chapter-33 verse-15/16)

Master of Light

It was early morning, and the sun had just come up. As awakening, a man with white hair and a robe appeared next to the bed. He looked familiar, like a spiritual teacher from the higher realms. As he smiled, there was a beautiful energy of pure divine love. Then as he parted, he telepathically said the words of a meditation. His message was one of several over a period of a few years which all have the same meaning.

Meditation is a key to the energy of love
as it brings you in touch with the source.

* The teacher was an Ascended Master of the Great White Brotherhood.

* An Ascended Master is one who has mastered time and space. In the process he or she has gained the mastery of the self, balanced at least 51% of his karma, fulfilled his divine plan, and ascended into the presence of the I AM THAT I AM (the individual God-identity / the divine self).

* The Great White Brotherhood is the fraternity of saints, sages, and ascended masters of all ages who, coming from every nation, race, and religion, have reunited with the Spirit of the living God and who comprise the heavenly hosts. The term “white” refers to the halo of white light that surrounds their forms.

Nature’s Workers

It was 3 a.m. and unable to sleep while camped out in Northern California at a nice quiet campsite surrounded by giant redwood trees. So I sat on the passenger side of the car waiting for the sun to come up while listening very quietly to classical music on the radio. During the first 15 min or half hour of the sunrise, there was a movement about 10 feet off to the right. It was two dozen nature spirits of many sizes from around 4 inches to 3 feet tall had been led to the spot by what looked to be a spirit teacher. Like a circus coming into town, the nature spirits were playing, jumping, running around and about the teacher. The experience was not the usual etheric spirit encounter as in the past. They were 2/3 gas vapor and 1/3 solid looking.

Next to the car was a small clearing surrounded by ferns and a several giant redwoods trees. I could not make them out clearly enough to see which was a fairy, gnome or other nature spirit moving about. At one point an 8-inch high nature spirit slid down a long fern leaf as the leaf’s extensions or petals moved, like someone sliding their hand down the keys of a piano. At the same time, while the others played elsewhere in the surroundings, two or three little ones stood out in front of the fern teasing with the one sliding down to them, playing a game together.

As it ended, I mentally asked if anyone wanted to hear some music (on the radio), expecting no response since they were having so much fun, but then a 4-foot high etheric-white (7-year-old human looking female) spirit put her ear up to the window to listen. This etheric girl, as in past experiences, seemed to be the one in charge as well as not being on the same energy level, not being as close to a physical vibration as the nature spirits.

In the story “Sarah and in-between” I mentioned having received strong impressions, feelings, and images of California. The feelings were very magical, and the images were of fern leaves which connect to this experience. Things usually fall right into place, but there had been several odd difficulties finding a campground in this area until finally ending up at this one which was meant to be. This campground even has a magical name – “The Emerald Forest.”

Leader of The Flock

A friend Carl and I were working on a roof of a house, which was along a creek and flight-path for Canadian Geese. Carl also has an opened third eye. We share our experiences while working together occasionally.

On this day since geese flew by now and then he began to tell me of his past observations of how geese find their way. He put it this way – There is a spirit that leads the geese to where they are going. Usually, there are two flocks. The first flock is right behind the spirit and the second flock follows along by about 3 or 5 minutes. The second flock follows the energy trail left by the spirit and first flock.

So when a flock came along, flying at treetop level, we stopped and observed. At first, I didn’t see the guiding spirit, but after asking if the spirit would reveal itself, it came from somewhere in front of the flock to the rear and smiled. It had energy and look similar to a spirit with feminine human-like appearance, a type that watches over nature spirits. Then it swiftly returned to the front of the flock as though it had no more time to spare and needed to continue its work.

As we waited for the second flock we noticed a cloud of dark energy forming where the geese had flown over. It was dark unconscious energy which came up from the ground and formed into a large cloud then gradually floated upwards (similar to a lava lamp) into the path of the geese. Carl said that it would disturb the energy trail and when the next flock came along it would disperse, being confused as to where the trail is. He said he had seen this happen before. We watched the next flock come along, and it dispersed the moment it got to the cloud. They flew in every direction except straight ahead. We could not see much further down the creek because of the hills and trees, but it looked as though a few of them were finding the right way. Carl said that they would eventually pick up the trail again.

The dark unconscious energy which came up from the ground:
It came from a spot where there was a cesspool in the ground. Perhaps this shows that our waste can contain some of our thought forms that get cleaned out of our astral and emotional bodies. It would end up on the astral level of the planet which is where the energy was moving to.

Life After Death – Dad Revisits

July 29, 2003, after receiving a phone call that Dad was not doing well and they expected him to pass on shortly, I arrived at the retirement home to find Dad, mom, and brother. Sensing that during this stage dad was not totally in his body, there were clearly several loved ones in spirit helping him prepare for his transition.

A hospice worker that had visited him before on several occasions came in to visit. I had never met her with the exception that a month earlier she had been in a dream that represented dad’s passing. Shortly after a minister came in for a visit and sang an old hymn that was dad’s favorite. Moments later he passed.

About 20 minutes passed. It was just mom, brother and me in the room along with dad’s physical remains. Then suddenly dad and grandmother (his mom who is in spirit) entered the room through an outside wall. They did not come from the direction of higher realms or heaven but from what appeared to be a physical plane location.

Grandmother looked tall and slim, which is how she looked years ago, and no feet. Dad looked about 20 years younger than he was minutes ago except he was short but only because he had no feet or legs. Grandmother, leading dad by the hand, stopped in front of his bed while I observed sitting from behind. Grandmother had a very calm energy and looked down to the bed at dad’s remains in a solitude way. Dad was the total opposite being very much like a 5-year-old in a candy store, looking all over with excitement and not paying attention to the matter at hand. But his smile flattened for a brief moment when he saw his physical body, as though he just remembered what had happened, and looked over to mom wiping her tears. Then grandmother led dad away in another physical direction. It seemed she was giving him a tour! Possibly of all the family members and their homes.

Dad always loved playing the trumpet, played in bands in his early days and was good at it, but I never got to hear him in a band until months later when awakened one morning to the sound of a small swing band playing music. It was dad playing his trumpet in a very snazzy way along with musicians on the other side. This occurred a couple more times over the years.

Upper Region of Heaven

After hours of prayer and looking for answers to an old question for someone close, I fell off to sleep and awakened a couple of times during the night only to continue prayer and listening for some response.

In the morning I awoke and as I sat up a holographic scene of heaven projected about three feet out from my body into my aura. The colors were pink and white of very high cathedral type ceilings/arches as in a church except there seemed to be three or more large alters – center, left, and right. There was a lot of activity of many white forms of angels and people that were flying at different levels and moving all about the entire area.

I then knew that this is where I had been during the night. The images of the experience were in my aura and allowed to be shown that I may know things at a higher level were in progress and to trust in the outcome for the close friend I was concerned for.

Other holographic experiences…

· While viewing an Akashic record I was shown a holographic blueprint of the upper female astral body, which has the same size and shape as the physical form but without the physical skin look. After seeing this, it added to my understanding of the meaning of the physical appearance being an illusion.

· While working in the higher realms I stood next to a spirit teacher who pointed out on a holographic map of the United States 3 areas below the Great Lakes going down the map in a couple of states. The 3 areas would become centers were people would gather or move to in the future.

· During a sunny day, as moving about doing small chores in the house, my thoughts apparently triggered a response from my higher self with a large full-color scene, projected out into my aura, of the future where I would pass over with many others during a major event on the earth. Then shown hundreds of confused or lost souls floating upwards on the astral as I worked with other spirit workers to assist them to the higher realms of heaven.