Life Before Birth – Pre-Birth Communication

The year of 1982, was the beginning of many visits by the spirits of a young boy and girl. Though they were somewhat related, they usually came to me separately. Their names were Daniel, who appeared to be around the age of seven, and Amy, the older of the two, who looked to be about eight or nine years of age. Amy often gave me words of encouragement about ideas or projects. One time while working outside around the house Daniel suddenly appeared and conveyed an important message in regards to the future.

In November of 1986, a male spirit teacher spoke, “The children are on their way down.” Nine months later I was totally surprised as well as a happy father to a newborn son but also confused since expecting Amy to come first. When Daniel was seven, he looked just the way he had appeared years before he incarnated.

Later it was understood that Amy was not to incarnate. When Daniel was between one and two years, we visited an amusement park. At one moment as looking to Daniel in his stroller, Amy (in spirit) was leaning over and whispering into his ear, keeping him company like an older sister would.

Over the years my contact with Amy continues off and on, as we still communicate on occasion to this day. While first writing this story, she came to me with a smile, a loving heart and these kind words: “All is well… that’s me, Daddy.”

In 2005 Amy appeared very clearly to me and looked to be around the age of 19, about the same age if she was in the physical realm. Different though was that she had a lot of sparkly golden flakes about her.

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Nature’s Workers

It was 3 a.m. and unable to sleep while camped out in Northern California at a nice quiet campsite surrounded by giant redwood trees. So I sat on the passenger side of the car waiting for the sun to come up while listening very quietly to classical music on the radio. During the first 15 min or half hour of the sunrise, there was a movement about 10 feet off to the right. It was two dozen nature spirits of many sizes from around 4 inches to 3 feet tall had been led to the spot by what looked to be a spirit teacher. Like a circus coming into town, the nature spirits were playing, jumping, running around and about the teacher. The experience was not the usual etheric spirit encounter as in the past. They were 2/3 gas vapor and 1/3 solid looking.

Next to the car was a small clearing surrounded by ferns and a several giant redwoods trees. I could not make them out clearly enough to see which was a fairy, gnome or other nature spirit moving about. At one point an 8-inch high nature spirit slid down a long fern leaf as the leaf’s extensions or petals moved, like someone sliding their hand down the keys of a piano. At the same time, while the others played elsewhere in the surroundings, two or three little ones stood out in front of the fern teasing with the one sliding down to them, playing a game together.

As it ended, I mentally asked if anyone wanted to hear some music (on the radio), expecting no response since they were having so much fun, but then a 4-foot high etheric-white (7-year-old human looking female) spirit put her ear up to the window to listen. This etheric girl, as in past experiences, seemed to be the one in charge as well as not being on the same energy level, not being as close to a physical vibration as the nature spirits.

In the story “Sarah and in-between” I mentioned having received strong impressions, feelings, and images of California. The feelings were very magical, and the images were of fern leaves which connect to this experience. Things usually fall right into place, but there had been several odd difficulties finding a campground in this area until finally ending up at this one which was meant to be. This campground even has a magical name – “The Emerald Forest.”

Life After Death – Dad Revisits

July 29, 2003, after receiving a phone call that Dad was not doing well and they expected him to pass on shortly, I arrived at the retirement home to find Dad, mom, and brother. Sensing that during this stage dad was not totally in his body, there were clearly several loved ones in spirit helping him prepare for his transition.

A hospice worker that had visited him before on several occasions came in to visit. I had never met her with the exception that a month earlier she had been in a dream that represented dad’s passing. Shortly after a minister came in for a visit and sang an old hymn that was dad’s favorite. Moments later he passed.

About 20 minutes passed. It was just mom, brother and me in the room along with dad’s physical remains. Then suddenly dad and grandmother (his mom who is in spirit) entered the room through an outside wall. They did not come from the direction of higher realms or heaven but from what appeared to be a physical plane location.

Grandmother looked tall and slim, which is how she looked years ago, and no feet. Dad looked about 20 years younger than he was minutes ago except he was short but only because he had no feet or legs. Grandmother, leading dad by the hand, stopped in front of his bed while I observed sitting from behind. Grandmother had a very calm energy and looked down to the bed at dad’s remains in a solitude way. Dad was the total opposite being very much like a 5-year-old in a candy store, looking all over with excitement and not paying attention to the matter at hand. But his smile flattened for a brief moment when he saw his physical body, as though he just remembered what had happened, and looked over to mom wiping her tears. Then grandmother led dad away in another physical direction. It seemed she was giving him a tour! Possibly of all the family members and their homes.

Dad always loved playing the trumpet, played in bands in his early days and was good at it, but I never got to hear him in a band until months later when awakened one morning to the sound of a small swing band playing music. It was dad playing his trumpet in a very snazzy way along with musicians on the other side. This occurred a couple more times over the years.


On occasion, we meet someone along our path that would seem as though it was intended to happen because several things match up so easily or it’s just too weird or impossible to be out of thin air. So it is through our daily life, that all things are connected and often is the case that such experiences were pre-planned by yourself or others who assist you in your life’s journey at that time.

While working in painting and home improvements, I would sometimes hire a summer helper as work would pick up. On two sperate occasions, I crossed paths with a helper having the same first name as I – David.

About a week before David #1 answered an ad I had in the local paper for help he came walking towards me in a clear & colorful dream with a smile. When we met in the physical world, he looked exactly as shown a week earlier.

Meeting people in heaven or dreams before actually meeting them in the physical happens now and then for me. The most extream of this experience would be with my son and how I had seen and occasionally communicated with him for six years before his birth.

With David #2, I was working next door to an apartment he lived at, and we bumped into each other. He needed work, and I need help, so we hooked up. It all seemed just a regular thing until over time we began talking about and sharing similar clairvoyant experiences which made it extremely rare.

Extremely rare that is when you only consider the physical world and not how we often know the people along our path from a pre-meeting in heaven/dream and or past life/lives.

The Nurse and Doctor

Spirit help is just a step away and commonly behind the scenes in our everyday physical world. Spirit help can be from all kinds of workers and in this experience, it is with a nurse and doctor.

From years of stress and difficulties, my aura and physical body became weakened and my health was not so good. The flu and then pneumonia began to take me over. As I sat on the couch one evening, I saw a female guide sitting next to me and tell that they were monitoring me. A day or two later I was not able to breathe very well whenever I took a couple of steps. I went off to the hospital which was overfilled with flu patients at the time.

Then after two weeks, I was ok enough to return home. On a sunny day, as I sat on the couch, I drifted in and out of a deep state for a few seconds at a time. While in that state I popped out of body a few inches. With clear awareness, I could see some objects in the room take on a glow from the sunlight. My wife was quietly sitting on the other end of the couch and out in front of me was a spirit doctor smiling at me. He looked to my wife and then back to me. I then went back into body.

A few weeks later I had to return to the hospital for a minor operation. The night before the operation I visited an operating room (in spirit – OBE) and noticed the surroundings and saw several people there and a doctor with a face mask on. He was upset and told me that the operation did not go as planned and that I would have to have another operation.

The next day when I was rolled into the operating room I noticed it was the same as I had seen the night before. Several people were preparing things and I saw a student doctor I knew getting me ready. Suddenly the main doctor stuck his head into my view, wearing a mask, and said a few things and continued. After I awakened back in the room the doctor, upset, came and told me that the operation did not go as planned and would have to be done again.

So the operation was scheduled again a few weeks later. I again saw the doctor (in spirit) the night before but this time he said everything would be fine and I would have very little pain which is how it turned out.

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