The Fly Spirit

During a period of my life I worked in home improvements, this time it was painting the exterior of a house. Often while painting I come across an insect and try to get them to move away, respecting all life and wanting to do no harm, and sometimes they may fly or crawl into the painted area, and I help them to get out.

It was the beginning of the day, opened up a fresh can of paint onto my drop cloth on the ground, poured some paint into a pale, and climbed a ladder to start painting. After climbing back down the ladder to get a tool I saw that I had forgotten to put the lid back on the can of paint, keeping it fresh and also to prevent any insects from being harmed. Looking into the can, I noticed that a black housefly had found his way into the paint. He was beyond saving, and immediately felt responsible and thought, “What a sad fate for the fly.” At that moment a green-headed fly spirit appeared. It was slightly taller than the paint can as it stood leaning against it and looking in at the fly. It then said, agreeing, “Yes… such a sad fate.”

* All life has a consciousness/spirit behind it. Without that spirit, it would be an empty shell and just fall to the ground turning to dust. The green-headed fly spirit seemed to be an overseer, oversoul or guardian to this and other flies.

Spirits and Thought

As visiting with a friend named Patricia who was very upset and low self-esteem, I saw a lower astral spirit behind her giving her negative, discouraging thoughts. While mentally seeing and feeling the words it projected to her, she dipped lower and lower. I began speaking positive thoughts to Patricia which overpowered the negative, discouraging thoughts. She responded in a positive way as her aura began to brighten up. The lower spirit saw its actions were no longer having any effect on her and it’s face changed from a look of mischief to discouragement and then left. Patricia continued to be fine after this.

On a separate occasion with Patricia, another visitor (physical) began to criticize and make fun of her. It was evident it had not been the only time the visitor had done this. A female spirit that was one foot taller stood behind Patricia as she became defensive telling the visitor they would one day regret the unkindness towards her. The visitor just laughed back with more criticism.

The female spirit was possibly her oversoul, overseer, or guardian. The warning that Patricia gave was not that she would do anything back but that heaven records everything – Karma.