Sonic Travel

I was with a male spirit teacher in an area that seemed to be a border area of the Astral and Upper Region of heaven. The surroundings were dimly lit, plain dark/gray but clean or clear of any signs of rubbish which is common of the lower end of the astral. The teacher began to explain to me the method of travel of a device that lay on the ground in front of us. I noticed a town or village not too far off to the left that had a slight glow to it in the dark surroundings. It was mentioned that the town was a research center.

The teacher spoke about the device as newer technology. It was for sonic travel, to quickly travel great distances in a short time. As the teacher continued to talk we stepped onto the device. It was similar to a conveyor belt, maybe 15 or 20 feet in length and disappeared off into the darkness. As we were moving slowly after stepping on I noticed a couple of others from the Town join us, carrying on a conversation between each other.

This was in answer to questions I had about traveling across the galaxy or universe and the amount of time it takes. This had bothered me as I had read some writings from the 1700’s that spoke of taking days (physical time) to travel to a certain planet (OBE). This made no sense to me since I had over the years had no such travel that took more than what appeared to be seconds or minutes.

However, on one occasion a few years before this spirit teacher meeting, I had experienced traveling what seemed to be to the other side of the universe to meet with a man who shared information on pyramids to use with experiments I was working on at that time. There was clear memory of having traveled to a point in this galaxy and from there a large gap and then reaching the other side of universe. There was a strange distortion or serious condensed time feeling in that gap which could have easily been travel using the Sonic Travel and the amount of time could easily have been days. Time difference is confusing since time as we see it on the physical is an illusion. Days in spirit could possible pass and they feel and look like days while on the physical plane it could just be a matter of seconds or minutes.