The Next Wave

Accompanied by a spirit teacher, we visited an area of heaven where many spiritual groups of people have gathered. Each group had different spiritual beliefs but were in sync with each other, meaning their paths were different but each good and ended up at the same point in a soul’s journey.

I saw a list of 10 or more group names, all seemed very familiar to me in the upper spiritual realms but not familiar with any earthly names. As in other experiences, as I read each name the memory of it disappeared.

They were discussing the preparation for the next or future life wave of souls to incarnate into the earth, which would be some time after the current events (13) become completed. The people were of a similar vibration and understanding, showing kindness and compassion towards all. You could say that this is “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.

Visitors From Heaven

This took place when I was around the age of 4.

Just when going to bed one night an unpleasant numb-like burning feeling at the area between my eyes and nose began. It was extremely uncomfortable and made it difficult to fall off to sleep. Then the shapes of three persons in mist like white robes appeared standing close together next to my bed, two ladies with a man in the middle. The first thought was that this was a weird dream and so I ignored them and began to drift towards sleep. But one and then another repeatedly called my name until I paid attention. While not knowing who they were nor being able to clearly see what their faces looked like, they seemed to know me well. They began talking to me and informed me of important events that would come about later on in my life.

I was so excited by the experience and what they had said to me that I wanted to jump up out of bed and tell my brothers but stopped when I realized they would probably not understand and just laugh. So it wasn’t till about twenty years later that I shared the experience with someone.

* The numb-like feeling between my eyes was caused by what is known as the third eye opening, more precisely that the protective etheric web was being opened. The spiritual beings that had visited me opened my third eye that I may see them and receive the information they imparted.

Life Before Birth – Pre-Birth Communication

The year of 1982, was the beginning of many visits by the spirits of a young boy and girl. Though they were somewhat related, they usually came to me separately. Their names were Daniel, who appeared to be around the age of seven, and Amy, the older of the two, who looked to be about eight or nine years of age. Amy often gave me words of encouragement about ideas or projects. One time while working outside around the house Daniel suddenly appeared and conveyed an important message in regards to the future.

In November of 1986, a male spirit teacher spoke, “The children are on their way down.” Nine months later I was totally surprised as well as a happy father to a newborn son but also confused since expecting Amy to come first. When Daniel was seven, he looked just the way he had appeared years before he incarnated.

Later it was understood that Amy was not to incarnate. When Daniel was between one and two years, we visited an amusement park. At one moment as looking to Daniel in his stroller, Amy (in spirit) was leaning over and whispering into his ear, keeping him company like an older sister would.

Over the years my contact with Amy continues off and on, as we still communicate on occasion to this day. While first writing this story, she came to me with a smile, a loving heart and these kind words: “All is well… that’s me, Daddy.”

In 2005 Amy appeared very clearly to me and looked to be around the age of 19, about the same age if she was in the physical realm. Different though was that she had a lot of sparkly golden flakes about her.

* For information on Pre-Birth Communication and other mysteries of parenthood visit: Light Hearts

In Times of Disaster

When people pass over they are often assisted by friends, loved ones or heavenly helpers on the other side. The same occurs when disasters happen, such as the September 11 attacks, where many people at one time pass over except that you will also find spiritual workers who are incarnate or recently incarnate assisting souls onward. Passing over in a disaster is more of a shock and many souls are confused as to where they are and what is going on or where to go. Those spiritual workers are closer to the physical plane vibrations making it easier for them to be there on the astral to guide the souls onward to where others are waiting to assist, making the process go much smoother. I was shown a similar event where hundreds of confused or dismayed souls could be seen scattered all about a grey misty area on the astral level. Spiritual workers came to their aid to guide them onward.

Some months before Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I was taken (OBE) to a large room that looked like a control center with a map of the United States on the far wall. A man was sitting on a stool in the middle of the room while several others were busy doing work like they were getting set up. The man told me, as I looked to the map and saw what he meant, that centers are being set up above certain cities on a higher level for assisting in the coming events. They were a focal or gathering point for that area and surrounding areas. These locations were above cities only in the southern/eastern part of the USA and had to do with coming events, mainly flooding. It’s 2019 now and some of these events have already occurred but more are still to come.

The Near Death Experience

At the beginning of the 1970s, a job opened for me working at a newly constructed modern warehouse with many isles of 35-45 feet high shelving. The boss, who was stressed and overwhelmed with work at the time, blurted out off the top of his head a location to move cases of very heavy business forms too. With the forms loaded onto a lift, I continued to the location and once there realized it was not a good idea as the location was at the very top of an empty section. The top shelf was not a wise spot for very heavy cases but to question the boss felt to be an even worse idea. There were safety belts to wear but there were not enough to go around for me to wear and while standing on the shelf, moving one of the last cases into place I heard creaking metal noises. I froze like a deer in the path of a car’s headlights. The shelving then collapsed downward with a tremendous noise of twisting metal from the excess weight and I went along with it thinking to myself “this was how I die and have not accomplished much in this life”.

Time suddenly slowed down and as no longer falling the surroundings became dark and quiet like I was out-of-body floating in space. Having out-of-body experiences since the age of 6 this was a familiar feeling except this time seemed to be for keeps. Then star-like colored lights began to spiral downwards from above me. I thought how beautiful they were and how the colors were so radiant, not comparable at all to anything I had ever seen before. (memory blocked here) Then the earth was visible from a distance, maybe similar to standing on the Moon and looking back at the Earth but I could sense I was not on the Moon but that it was off to my right about an equal distance away except it was slightly out of my range of site as though a wall was blocking my view. (memory blocked here) Then as I stood in front of a large movie type screen, off to my left a man was talking to me helping review events of my life as they played out on the screen. It seemed this had been going on a while and was now at the end of the review and certain scenes were being repeated. They were scenes of events where I was accused of something I didn’t do that had bothered me through life.

Last on the screen was shown another event which was not familiar to me. It was a funeral and family members were gathered around the burial site. My mother stood at the one end of the casket crying. Then it dawned on me this was a scene in the future of my funeral and maybe it was already taking place? That much time has already passed? (memory blocked here)

Next, over to the right in a different spot, I stood in front of a man sitting in what seemed to be a sort of judges seat (like in a courtroom). The man seemed to have an energy similar to a judge in a courtroom but not the highest authority. Off to my left was a long line of 20 or more people standing. They seemed to be there awaiting my arrival. I couldn’t make out the faces of anyone but just see their shapes. Then the judge asked what I thought of my life. I said I did not want to see my mother suffer through another death in the family as I was concerned it would be just too much for her. At that moment a figure from the line of people came closer to me and spoke out to the judge saying “Please don’t send him back”. At that moment I could see her face a little and recognized her voice as being my oldest brothers wife who had passed over the previous year. The judge then replied, “He must learn for himself”. (memory blocked here)

Then back in my body, I found myself falling the rest of the way with all the metal shelving crashing to the ground. The wind was knocked out of me as landing on my left armpit onto one of the cases. When beginning to breathe again there was a sense of danger as the sound of falling metal continued so with my weakened body I manage to craw to the other side of the aisle for protection under a shelf. Doing so saved me from further injury while laying there barely conscious awaiting assistance.

The worst ambulance ride ever shortly followed. They seemed to be trying to hit every pothole in the road they could find on the way to the hospital. Each jolt made it very unpleasant and wanted to yell out if they could slow down and not hit so many but my energy was just too low. Everything ended up just fine though with a badly bruised left side and my left shoulder had bothered me for years after that.

For some reason I did not fall straight down to the concrete floor, therefore, missing an iron beam of the lift but instead landed about 10 feet to the right of the lift where a few cases had tumbled. The metal shelving/supports seemed to go in every direction.

The amount of time that passed on earth while in heaven was at the most one second. It takes maybe 3 seconds to fall 35-45 feet? I left my body at the beginning of the fall, went to heaven, then returned to my body and continued to fall the rest of the way.

Several times during this heaven experience my memory of certain moments were blocked but allowed to remember the rest. Visiting heaven and have parts blocked from memory is not uncommon. Perhaps it’s to help in keeping a focus on what is important and also not know some things that could result in a change of the outcome.

The area of heaven during this visit was not of the higher realms nor the lowest but more of something in-between being a mostly grey misty look except for the color of my life events being reviewed.

To die or to experience death and be revived has sometimes been thought of as the only way to see heaven but this is absolutely not true at all and my many visits to heaven over the years have shown me this to be so. In this visit, there was only the possibility of death. That added with my sensitivity and having been out-of-body in the past made it even easier for me to be shocked out of my body.