The Next Wave

Accompanied by a spirit teacher, we visited an area of heaven where many spiritual groups of people have gathered. Each group had different spiritual beliefs but were in sync with each other, meaning their paths were different but each good and ended up at the same point in a soul’s journey.

I saw a list of 10 or more group names, all seemed very familiar to me in the upper spiritual realms but not familiar with any earthly names. As in other experiences, as I read each name the memory of it disappeared.

They were discussing the preparation for the next or future life wave of souls to incarnate into the earth, which would be some time after the current events (13) become completed. The people were of a similar vibration and understanding, showing kindness and compassion towards all. You could say that this is “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.

Upper Region of Heaven

After hours of prayer and looking for answers to an old question for someone close, I fell off to sleep and awakened a couple of times during the night only to continue prayer and listening for some response.

In the morning I awoke and as I sat up a holographic scene of heaven projected about three feet out from my body into my aura. The colors were pink and white of very high cathedral type ceilings/arches as in a church except there seemed to be three or more large alters – center, left, and right. There was a lot of activity of many white forms of angels and people that were flying at different levels and moving all about the entire area.

I then knew that this is where I had been during the night. The images of the experience were in my aura and allowed to be shown that I may know things at a higher level were in progress and to trust in the outcome for the close friend I was concerned for.

Other holographic experiences…

· While viewing an Akashic record I was shown a holographic blueprint of the upper female astral body, which has the same size and shape as the physical form but without the physical skin look. After seeing this, it added to my understanding of the meaning of the physical appearance being an illusion.

· While working in the higher realms I stood next to a spirit teacher who pointed out on a holographic map of the United States 3 areas below the Great Lakes going down the map in a couple of states. The 3 areas would become centers were people would gather or move to in the future.

· During a sunny day, as moving about doing small chores in the house, my thoughts apparently triggered a response from my higher self with a large full-color scene, projected out into my aura, of the future where I would pass over with many others during a major event on the earth. Then shown hundreds of confused or lost souls floating upwards on the astral as I worked with other spirit workers to assist them to the higher realms of heaven.

Sonic Travel

I was with a male spirit teacher in an area that seemed to be a border area of the Astral and Upper Region of heaven. The surroundings were dimly lit, plain dark/gray but clean or clear of any signs of rubbish which is common of the lower end of the astral. The teacher began to explain to me the method of travel of a device that lay on the ground in front of us. I noticed a town or village not too far off to the left that had a slight glow to it in the dark surroundings. It was mentioned that the town was a research center.

The teacher spoke about the device as newer technology. It was for sonic travel, to quickly travel great distances in a short time. As the teacher continued to talk we stepped onto the device. It was similar to a conveyor belt, maybe 15 or 20 feet in length and disappeared off into the darkness. As we were moving slowly after stepping on I noticed a couple of others from the Town join us, carrying on a conversation between each other.

This was in answer to questions I had about traveling across the galaxy or universe and the amount of time it takes. This had bothered me as I had read some writings from the 1700’s that spoke of taking days (physical time) to travel to a certain planet (OBE). This made no sense to me since I had over the years had no such travel that took more than what appeared to be seconds or minutes.

However, on one occasion a few years before this spirit teacher meeting, I had experienced traveling what seemed to be to the other side of the universe to meet with a man who shared information on pyramids to use with experiments I was working on at that time. There was clear memory of having traveled to a point in this galaxy and from there a large gap and then reaching the other side of universe. There was a strange distortion or serious condensed time feeling in that gap which could have easily been travel using the Sonic Travel and the amount of time could easily have been days. Time difference is confusing since time as we see it on the physical is an illusion. Days in spirit could possible pass and they feel and look like days while on the physical plane it could just be a matter of seconds or minutes.

In Times of Disaster

When people pass over they are often assisted by friends, loved ones or heavenly helpers on the other side. The same occurs when disasters happen, such as the September 11 attacks, where many people at one time pass over except that you will also find spiritual workers who are incarnate or recently incarnate assisting souls onward. Passing over in a disaster is more of a shock and many souls are confused as to where they are and what is going on or where to go. Those spiritual workers are closer to the physical plane vibrations making it easier for them to be there on the astral to guide the souls onward to where others are waiting to assist, making the process go much smoother. I was shown a similar event where hundreds of confused or dismayed souls could be seen scattered all about a grey misty area on the astral level. Spiritual workers came to their aid to guide them onward.

Some months before Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I was taken (OBE) to a large room that looked like a control center with a map of the United States on the far wall. A man was sitting on a stool in the middle of the room while several others were busy doing work like they were getting set up. The man told me, as I looked to the map and saw what he meant, that centers are being set up above certain cities on a higher level for assisting in the coming events. They were a focal or gathering point for that area and surrounding areas. These locations were above cities only in the southern/eastern part of the USA and had to do with coming events, mainly flooding. It’s 2019 now and some of these events have already occurred but more are still to come.

The Book

For a few years, I worked along with a group of people from other countries in a spiritual community within an online virtual world. We never met each other in the physical but I had met with several during the night out of the body on the higher planes. One friend was not seen for a while and we became concerned he may have passed on in flooding that accrued in his country so one night I searched for an answer on the higher planes and was taken to a place where there was nothing visible except a large book on a book pedestal. A lady was standing at the book searching it then left after about 15 seconds. It was my turn and I looked at a few pages noticing the book was filled with the full names of people one after the other with an occasional blank spot for a name not yet entered. As I read each name, from one to the next, I could not retain the memory of any name (this occurred in the “Divine Pink Cloud” experience as well). The text and pages slowly vibrated as though the book was made of pure energy, partly solid and partly etheric. When I came to a particular blank spot I knew immediately that it was reserved for the missing friend. I also then knew that since his name was not entered it meant he was still on the physical plane and had not passed over. My search was finished and as beginning to leave I looked up and saw someone else who was waiting to search in the book.

No one is even driving the truck!

Off and on, for over 30 years, I worked with a friend by the name of Tom in housing construction and remodeling. We also had some of the same interests like psychic or OBE experiences, photography, nature and of course, joking around.

In April of 2019, I was OBE on the astral plane with Tom. We were putting some paint cans into the back of a truck along with two other workers*. It appeared to be the end of a day’s work and Tom, looking tired and stressed, said he had to leave or go back home but would return after the weekend. I looked around and noticed this was not some weird dream but was on the astral level as the surroundings were gloomy, no color with little light, partly leafless trees, trash or useless objects scattered all about. Very typical lower astral plane. I awakened back in my body and realized it could all represent his passing but I was confused as I always believed he would be around for a few years yet. Around the same time, another friend who had passed a few years earlier told me that Tom had passed over but I didn’t believe it.

At this time I was living in Europe and Tom was in the USA. We texted each other at least once a week but he became silent and after a few weeks of no response from him, I eventually Googled his name to see if anything popped up about him and sure enough his obituary came right up. His being on the astral like that after passing was partly a good sign that he was functioning ok but with difficulty, since he wasn’t higher up in the levels which also is a sign he was struggling. One day while mentally connecting with him he told me he could barely see me. I worked a little harder at prayers for him which may have helped him and he moved on to a higher level where it was a sunny and nice environment. I knew that this was so as on the night of September 8 I was OBE with Tom and again with a pickup truck. It was a very old truck but in very good condition. We both stood in the back and rode down a dirt road, through fields and then a small creek, laughing the whole time about things. After going through the creek Tom blurted out laughing, “and the crazy thing about this is no one is even driving the truck!”.

It was obvious Tom was doing better and finding his way around. I expect we will meet again for some more fun or maybe go fishing since, in the past, he was very big on mountain stream fly fishing.

* Two other workers – I later realized they were the same two spirit guides who have often shown up during encounters with other people or during travels in different parts of heaven.

Heaven connected with our everyday life

It could be considered fairly common that spirit teachers look in upon their students now and then. They often keep an image of the student on a temple wall in the higher planes and can observe the image change when the student becomes troubled or ill. They will also go and visit the student while he or she is asleep to check up on them now and then.

One night two spirit teachers were in the hallway to my bedroom as they chatted back and forth, observed me, and then went onward. On other occasions, there has been a single male or female spirit teacher. But there was one night two female visitors came walking down the hallway to my bedroom, chatting back and forth as one seemed to be carrying a clipboard.

Expecting they were spirit teachers as in the past, I suddenly became confused as they got closer. I recognized one lady as the local Walmart personnel manager and the other as a worker there. I assumed that only spiritual workers or older spiritual souls on the path would be doing this kind of work. It happened to be that I had applied to Walmart for a job a day or two before and here they were on the other planes making the connection and final approval before it was passed back on down to the physical level.

This shows how much the higher realms (heavens) are connected with our everyday life events. It’s also the answer to how a coincidence or luck occurs. If you were to see beyond the veil of such an event you would see heavens workers had helped to make it happen.

Planetary Worker

During one night I was taken a great distance past many different and unfamiliar looking planets far from the Earth to be clearly shown a newly formed planet. It was in a cooling down process, with a dark stone-like surface and molten red lava cracks. Then I was taken to the opposite less sunny side of the planet as an unspecified amount of time seemed to have passed. The planet was now dark and covered with oceans which I could hear the sounds of. A very large being was down in the depths of the water slowly waving its long arms and long-fingered hands, first the left hand and arm and then the right, spreading etheric energy seeds for the purpose of seeding the planet with life. I sensed the being could have been 30 to 50 ft. high but since there was nothing else in sight to compare it with I can only go on what I sensed and have learned from in other past experiences. The being was satisfied with its work but very alone as no other workers were about. After observing these things I was quickly returned to my body.

Later on another occasion I was shown again a newly formed planet with the same appearance and red lava cracks. This time the planet was opened at the top as though a hole was blown out from within. A large intense beam of white light (higher-dimensional) was flowing into the planet and on the surface. This was symbolic of how the core of the planet was created, by the intense beam of light focused into the planet. It fits with how our sun, for example, is fed and maintained but I am not certain the beam continues after a planet is created but rather a less intense and over the whole planet light is possibly radiated.

Planetary Worker – to be capable of this level of work requires an immense amount of study.

The light, a non-physical higher-dimensional light, comes from the sun (behind the sun).

Kwan Yin

In a lower region of heaven can be found the astral plane, the hell plane or the Bardo. It can sometimes be seen as a plain dark or grey area with nothing or like a border or in-between area. It is also the training area for many spirit workers or lightworkers who visit to help lost souls find their way to the light.

One night I awakened (OBE) standing in the plain dark border area and saw two men standing about looking in different directions and trying not to look back at me. I recognized that they were spirit guides I had seen before and I had no idea what was going on. Then a lady appeared and she was introduced as Kwan Yin. She was just as confused as to what was going on and asked “Why was I called here? What is this all about?” as she looked around at us, apparently she had been very busy somewhere else. One of the guides explained that I wanted to know more about her which I then remembered that I did indeed look at a drawing of her earlier that night and wondered what she was like. This is one of those “ask and you shall receive” things but I didn’t expect it to go this far.

Kwan Yin then left to return to her work and the rest of us dispersed.

The Near Death Experience

At the beginning of the 1970s, a job opened for me working at a newly constructed modern warehouse with many isles of 35-45 feet high shelving. The boss, who was stressed and overwhelmed with work at the time, blurted out off the top of his head a location to move cases of very heavy business forms too. With the forms loaded onto a lift, I continued to the location and once there realized it was not a good idea as the location was at the very top of an empty section. The top shelf was not a wise spot for very heavy cases but to question the boss felt to be an even worse idea. There were safety belts to wear but there were not enough to go around for me to wear and while standing on the shelf, moving one of the last cases into place I heard creaking metal noises. I froze like a deer in the path of a car’s headlights. The shelving then collapsed downward with a tremendous noise of twisting metal from the excess weight and I went along with it thinking to myself “this was how I die and have not accomplished much in this life”.

Time suddenly slowed down and as no longer falling the surroundings became dark and quiet like I was out-of-body floating in space. Having out-of-body experiences since the age of 6 this was a familiar feeling except this time seemed to be for keeps. Then star-like colored lights began to spiral downwards from above me. I thought how beautiful they were and how the colors were so radiant, not comparable at all to anything I had ever seen before. (memory blocked here) Then the earth was visible from a distance, maybe similar to standing on the Moon and looking back at the Earth but I could sense I was not on the Moon but that it was off to my right about an equal distance away except it was slightly out of my range of site as though a wall was blocking my view. (memory blocked here) Then as I stood in front of a large movie type screen, off to my left a man was talking to me helping review events of my life as they played out on the screen. It seemed this had been going on a while and was now at the end of the review and certain scenes were being repeated. They were scenes of events where I was accused of something I didn’t do that had bothered me through life.

Last on the screen was shown another event which was not familiar to me. It was a funeral and family members were gathered around the burial site. My mother stood at the one end of the casket crying. Then it dawned on me this was a scene in the future of my funeral and maybe it was already taking place? That much time has already passed? (memory blocked here)

Next, over to the right in a different spot, I stood in front of a man sitting in what seemed to be a sort of judges seat (like in a courtroom). The man seemed to have an energy similar to a judge in a courtroom but not the highest authority. Off to my left was a long line of 20 or more people standing. They seemed to be there awaiting my arrival. I couldn’t make out the faces of anyone but just see their shapes. Then the judge asked what I thought of my life. I said I did not want to see my mother suffer through another death in the family as I was concerned it would be just too much for her. At that moment a figure from the line of people came closer to me and spoke out to the judge saying “Please don’t send him back”. At that moment I could see her face a little and recognized her voice as being my oldest brothers wife who had passed over the previous year. The judge then replied, “He must learn for himself”. (memory blocked here)

Then back in my body, I found myself falling the rest of the way with all the metal shelving crashing to the ground. The wind was knocked out of me as landing on my left armpit onto one of the cases. When beginning to breathe again there was a sense of danger as the sound of falling metal continued so with my weakened body I manage to craw to the other side of the aisle for protection under a shelf. Doing so saved me from further injury while laying there barely conscious awaiting assistance.

The worst ambulance ride ever shortly followed. They seemed to be trying to hit every pothole in the road they could find on the way to the hospital. Each jolt made it very unpleasant and wanted to yell out if they could slow down and not hit so many but my energy was just too low. Everything ended up just fine though with a badly bruised left side and my left shoulder had bothered me for years after that.

For some reason I did not fall straight down to the concrete floor, therefore, missing an iron beam of the lift but instead landed about 10 feet to the right of the lift where a few cases had tumbled. The metal shelving/supports seemed to go in every direction.

The amount of time that passed on earth while in heaven was at the most one second. It takes maybe 3 seconds to fall 35-45 feet? I left my body at the beginning of the fall, went to heaven, then returned to my body and continued to fall the rest of the way.

Several times during this heaven experience my memory of certain moments were blocked but allowed to remember the rest. Visiting heaven and have parts blocked from memory is not uncommon. Perhaps it’s to help in keeping a focus on what is important and also not know some things that could result in a change of the outcome.

The area of heaven during this visit was not of the higher realms nor the lowest but more of something in-between being a mostly grey misty look except for the color of my life events being reviewed.

To die or to experience death and be revived has sometimes been thought of as the only way to see heaven but this is absolutely not true at all and my many visits to heaven over the years have shown me this to be so. In this visit, there was only the possibility of death. That added with my sensitivity and having been out-of-body in the past made it even easier for me to be shocked out of my body.