Planetary Worker

During one night I was taken a great distance past many different and unfamiliar looking planets far from the Earth to be clearly shown a newly formed planet. It was in a cooling down process, with a dark stone-like surface and molten red lava cracks. Then I was taken to the opposite less sunny side of the planet as an unspecified amount of time seemed to have passed. The planet was now dark and covered with oceans which I could hear the sounds of. A very large being was down in the depths of the water slowly waving its long arms and long-fingered hands, first the left hand and arm and then the right, spreading etheric energy seeds for the purpose of seeding the planet with life. I sensed the being could have been 30 to 50 ft. high but since there was nothing else in sight to compare it with I can only go on what I sensed and have learned from in other past experiences. The being was satisfied with its work but very alone as no other workers were about. After observing these things I was quickly returned to my body.

Later on another occasion I was shown again a newly formed planet with the same appearance and red lava cracks. This time the planet was opened at the top as though a hole was blown out from within. A large intense beam of white light (higher-dimensional) was flowing into the planet and on the surface. This was symbolic of how the core of the planet was created, by the intense beam of light focused into the planet. It fits with how our sun, for example, is fed and maintained but I am not certain the beam continues after a planet is created but rather a less intense and over the whole planet light is possibly radiated.

Planetary Worker – to be capable of this level of work requires an immense amount of study.

The light, a non-physical higher-dimensional light, comes from the sun (behind the sun).