Kwan Yin

In a lower region of heaven can be found the astral plane, the hell plane or the Bardo. It can sometimes be seen as a plain dark or grey area with nothing or like a border or in-between area. It is also the training area for many spirit workers or lightworkers who visit to help lost souls find their way to the light.

One night I awakened (OBE) standing in the plain dark border area and saw two men standing about looking in different directions and trying not to look back at me. I recognized that they were spirit guides I had seen before and I had no idea what was going on. Then a lady appeared and she was introduced as Kwan Yin. She was just as confused as to what was going on and asked “Why was I called here? What is this all about?” as she looked around at us, apparently she had been very busy somewhere else. One of the guides explained that I wanted to know more about her which I then remembered that I did indeed look at a drawing of her earlier that night and wondered what she was like. This is one of those “ask and you shall receive” things but I didn’t expect it to go this far.

Kwan Yin then left to return to her work and the rest of us dispersed.