Heaven connected with our everyday life

It could be considered fairly common that spirit teachers look in upon their students now and then. They often keep an image of the student on a temple wall in the higher planes and can observe the image change when the student becomes troubled or ill. They will also go and visit the student while he or she is asleep to check up on them now and then.

One night two spirit teachers were in the hallway to my bedroom as they chatted back and forth, approached my bedside and observed me, and then went onward. On other occasions, there has been a single male or female spirit teacher checking in. But there was one night two female visitors came walking down the hallway to my bedroom, chatting back and forth as one seemed to be carrying a clipboard.

Expecting they were spirit teachers as in the past, I suddenly became confused as they got closer. I recognized one lady as the local Walmart personnel manager and the other as a worker there. I assumed that only spiritual workers or older spiritual souls on the path would be doing this kind of work. It happened to be that I had applied to Walmart for a job a day or two before and here they were on the other planes making the connection and final approval before it was passed back on down to the physical level.

This shows how much the higher realms (heavens) are connected with our everyday life events. It’s also the answer to how a coincidence or luck occurs. If you were to see beyond the veil of such an event you would see heavens workers had helped to make it happen.