Spirit Pets


Snowflake was black with a white spot on her forehead. She was named Snowflake partly because of her appearance and partly because she showed up one day right after a big snowstorm having climbed over a snowdrift screaming for help and food.

Some years later while painting in a home a spirit cat (black just like Snowflake) showed up playing in the room. The homeowner said they never had any cats, just dogs as pets. It appeared that snowflake was at home taking a catnap and had traveled out-of-body to me at work. Eventually, Snowflake had to go on to the other side. Not uncommon, she visited off and on for a few weeks and then moved on.


Paws and I got along very well, but he was hit by a car and passed on. Shortly after, Paws would visit in the night, purring and clawing the pillow above my head which is something Paws never did nor would be allowed to do. Since Paws was now in spirit, he maybe figured he could do this but was very courteous not to make a noise or disturb me, waiting until I awakened myself. As all pets do, Paws eventually moved on into the higher realms for new life adventures until we meet again.