Life Wave of Souls

Before going off to sleep one night, several spirit teachers visited me and shared some information. One spoke about something he would show me during the night. At one point while visiting heaven that night, the spirit teacher showed me an area where many leaders of spiritual groups had gathered.

I was then handed, by a spirit worker, a long list of group names but could only make out the first 8 or 10. The group names all seemed very familiar to me while in the spiritual realm but I had difficulty trying to connect them to any earthly known names. As in other experiences, the list and names slowly vibrated and as I read each name the memory of it disappeared. The list similar to parchment paper, was about 6in. width and rolled up at the bottom.

The leaders were discussing the preparation for an upcoming life wave of souls to incarnate into the earth, which would be some time after certain events (13) become completed. The people were of pure heart with similar vibration and understanding, showing kindness and compassion towards all. You could say that this life wave of souls is “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”.