Canadian Geese Spirit Guide

A friend Carl and I were working on a roof of a house, which was along a creek and flight-path for Canadian Geese. Carl also has an opened third eye. We share our experiences while working together occasionally.

On this day since geese flew by now and then he began to tell me of his past observations of how geese find their way. He put it this way – There is a spirit that leads the geese to where they are going. Usually, there are two flocks. The first flock is right behind the spirit and the second flock follows along by about 3 or 5 minutes. The second flock follows the energy trail left by the spirit and first flock.

So when a flock came along, flying at treetop level, we stopped and observed. At first, I didn’t see the guiding spirit, but after asking if the spirit would reveal itself, it came from somewhere in front of the flock to the rear and smiled. It had energy and look similar to a spirit with feminine human-like appearance, a type that watches over nature spirits. Then it swiftly returned to the front of the flock as though it had no more time to spare and needed to continue its work.

As we waited for the second flock we noticed a cloud of dark energy forming where the geese had flown over. It was dark unconscious energy which came up from the ground and formed into a large cloud then gradually floated upwards (similar to a lava lamp) into the path of the geese. Carl said that it would disturb the energy trail and when the next flock came along it would disperse, being confused as to where the trail is. He said he had seen this happen before. We watched the next flock come along, and it dispersed the moment it got to the cloud. They flew in every direction except straight ahead. We could not see much further down the creek because of the hills and trees, but it looked as though a few of them were finding the right way. Carl said that they would eventually pick up the trail again.

The dark unconscious energy which came up from the ground:
It came from a spot where there was a cesspool in the ground. Perhaps this shows that our waste can contain some of our thought forms that get cleaned out of our astral and emotional bodies. It would end up on the astral level of the planet which is where the energy was moving to.