Nature’s Workers

It was 3 a.m. and unable to sleep while camped out in Northern California at a nice quiet campsite surrounded by giant redwood trees. So I sat on the passenger side of the car waiting for the sun to come up while listening very quietly to classical music on the radio. During the first 15 min or half hour of the sunrise, there was a movement about 10 feet off to the right. It was two dozen nature spirits of many sizes from around 4 inches to 3 feet tall had been led to the spot by what looked to be a spirit teacher. Like a circus coming into town, the nature spirits were playing, jumping, running around and about the teacher. The experience was not the usual etheric spirit encounter as in the past. They were 2/3 gas vapor and 1/3 solid looking.

Next to the car was a small clearing surrounded by ferns and a several giant redwoods trees. I could not make them out clearly enough to see which was a fairy, gnome or other nature spirit moving about. At one point an 8-inch high nature spirit slid down a long fern leaf as the leaf’s extensions or petals moved, like someone sliding their hand down the keys of a piano. At the same time, while the others played elsewhere in the surroundings, two or three little ones stood out in front of the fern teasing with the one sliding down to them, playing a game together.

As it ended, I mentally asked if anyone wanted to hear some music (on the radio), expecting no response since they were having so much fun, but then a 4-foot high etheric-white (7-year-old human looking female) spirit put her ear up to the window to listen. This etheric girl, as in past experiences, seemed to be the one in charge as well as not being on the same energy level, not being as close to a physical vibration as the nature spirits.

In the story “Sarah and in-between” I mentioned having received strong impressions, feelings, and images of California. The feelings were very magical, and the images were of fern leaves which connect to this experience. Things usually fall right into place, but there had been several odd difficulties finding a campground in this area until finally ending up at this one which was meant to be. This campground even has a magical name – “The Emerald Forest.”