The Book

For a few years, I worked along with a group of people from other countries in a spiritual community within an online virtual world. We never met each other in the physical but I had met with several during the night out of the body on the higher planes. One friend was not seen for a while and we became concerned he may have passed on in flooding that occurred in his country so one night I searched for an answer on the higher planes and was taken to a place where there was nothing visible except a large book on a book pedestal. A lady was standing at the book searching it then left after about 15 seconds. It was my turn and I looked at a few pages noticing the book was filled with the full names of people one after the other with an occasional blank spot for a name not yet entered. As I read each name, from one to the next, I could not retain the memory of any name (this occurred in the “Divine Pink Cloud” experience as well). The text and pages slowly vibrated as though the book was made of pure energy, partly solid and partly etheric. When I came to a particular blank spot I knew immediately that it was reserved for the missing friend. I also then knew that since his name was not entered it meant he was still on the physical plane and had not passed over. My search was finished and as beginning to leave I looked up and saw someone else who was waiting to search in the book.