The In-Between

It was late at night, time to get off the computer and get some sleep. But thoughts ran through my mind about what I call the in-between state.

You might say this place is between the physical and spirit realm, where one is in a very deep meditative state or more often the state where you just fall off to sleep or right before you awaken from sleep and sometimes in-between dreams. The place where we typically lose all awareness until we reawaken again. However, one often becomes aware in this in-between state through spiritual disciplines (when you spiritually awaken, gain a higher awareness, raise your consciousness.)

When starting to type some thoughts about the in-between a lady with blonde hair holding a paper appeared next to the desk. Her name was Sarah and looked totally etheric and earthly at the same time, which possibly is a sign she had been incarnate here on this earth plane recently, or still was incarnate. Her energy was with a ready and willing-to-get-to-work attitude, so we worked on a short statement about the in-between (see below).

Being exhausted that night as going off to sleep I unexpectedly found myself in that in-between state and received unyielding impressions, feelings, and images of California (have never been there). Amy (my spirit daughter) also appeared along with the information. Amy was showing me events of my future which became so. (See “Nature’s Workers”).

The In-Between State
  • Where you go when you fall off to sleep except now you are awake.
  • Where dreams are no longer mixed emotions but have true meaning.
  • Where experiences seem, and are, more real.
  • Where illusions fall away and heaven reveals itself.
  • Where divine visions take place and are often difficult to retain upon returning.
  • Where, if asked, “will the real you please stand up?”, you will already be standing.

More on the in-between:

* Some artists, writers, and musicians receive impressions for their work in this state.

* Thomas Edison use to meditate sitting in a chair with a rock in hand and a tin pie plate on the floor. When he reached that in-between state, he would receive, for example, the next step in an invention. Instead of falling off to sleep and forgetting the information, the rock in his hand would fall onto the pie plate and reawaken him; then he could remember the information given.

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.
Then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction. (Job: chapter-33 verse-15/16)