The Deva

During a three week trip across the USA, there were many different spirit encounters along the way, most while out hiking. Among those, there were five separate Deva encounters, this one being the clearest.

While near Bozeman, Montana and hiking back down a mountain after checking out a waterfall, we stopped at the halfway point. I mentioned to my friend about seeing if we could tune into the forest Deva for that area. So with the mountain top to our back, we sat down on a log right along the trail. As relaxing, we asked if the forest Deva would be willing to visit with us.

Within a minute I felt a significant presence approaching from behind, move up and over our heads and stop about 5 feet in front. It was the Deva and had a feminine energy, angelic, very loving, peaceful and kind. She had a human-angel appearance (like a Seraphim Angel), she looked about 7 foot tall, and her energy (mist like aura) easily extended about 30 feet outwards. After about a minute I lost the contact, or she had left.

Among messages that the Deva gave she had said she rather be called a Mountain Deva. Several times while leaving the mountain area and even three weeks later after returning home, I could strongly sense the Mountain Deva’s energy as she mentally connected for a brief moment.

* Devas – You could say that part of a Mountain or Forest Devas work is watching over the energies of the area and all the life, both spirit and physical, within it.

* Seraphim: To me, Seraphim Angels are of high stature and appear to be thinner and taller compared to other Angels. I have seen different Angels with wings, but so far none of the Seraphim have had wings. Though I’ve seen quite a few Seraphim, it doesn’t mean they have no wings but could be they just don’t show them.

* Mist like energy: Identical to several other Deva encounters, it was a white mist about 10 to 15 feet high and 30 feet wide.