One Dozen Cherubs

Sometimes we become involved with a group of people, and things get a little bit out of hand (group karma). In this experience after joining a group, it had a few problems where everyone became hurt in one way or another. Life became somewhat disrupted, so I eventually left the group and spent time healing and also did prayers for everyone in the group. One night it felt as though the prayers for them were not getting through due to my energies being low, so I prayed nonstop for over an hour. Then suddenly from over my left shoulder one by one a dozen cherub angels appeared before me and one by one they cheerfully went off in different directions to answer the prayers of healing. Moments after each angel had left, it returned to say “done” and then moved on in the direction from which they had originally come.

* Sometimes all that one needs to do is to say a prayer or make a call, for there are many Angels and Spirit Workers in heaven listening and waiting to help.