Mother Mary

While remodeling a basement for a customer I was cutting old rusty nails, without wearing any safety glasses since what I had were too scratched up to see safely. While cutting one of the nails, it flew up and hit my eye. It was a bit of a shock, and I dropped the saw and held my hand over my eye. It began to bleed, and all I could think of was an unpleasant story I once heard of how someone lost their eye. While driving to the hospital for assistance, keeping my eye covered with a towel, I realized how awkward it was using only one eye. I then was treated in the emergency room. Luckily it was not serious, and they taped a patch over my eye, which only had to be worn for 24 hours.

I went home and finished my day stumbling around using one eye. You can be sure that when I went to sleep this night, I said prayers of thanks that things didn’t turn out a different way and thanks for having good health, two feet, legs, arms, hands, etc., and prayers for those less fortunate.

That night I was awakened from a dream by a dark-haired female spirit teacher standing to the left of my bed calling my name. I was confused as to what was going on and as I began to drift back to sleep the spirit teacher again said my name. Again I looked to her and she then, as looking to the foot of my bed, whispered that Mother Mary was there to see me. I looked to the foot of my bed and saw Mary dressed in a plain robe with a hood. Behind and off to the left of Mary I could faintly see about 6 ladies also in the room which was only lit up by a little moonlight. They also were dressed in a robe with hood but looked more like nuns. In a gentle voice, she asked how I was. I told her that everything was fine and thanked her. I felt very blessed by her visit.

When she left I said my prayers of thanks once again and prayers to all souls in need. Later on, I wondered why Mother Mary appeared this way compared to how I would expect or seen her in meditation as a divine radiant being. There had to be a message behind this as there are in most experiences. I felt she was showing that the things we often take for granted or don’t recognize, or the common and simple — especially spiritual goodness and love towards all — are truly important.