Life After Death – Dad Revisits

July 29, 2003, after receiving a phone call that Dad was not doing well and they expected him to pass on shortly, I arrived at the retirement home to find Dad, mom, and brother. Sensing that during this stage dad was not totally in his body, there were clearly several loved ones in spirit helping him prepare for his transition.

A hospice worker that had visited him before on several occasions came in to visit. I had never met her with the exception that a month earlier she had been in a dream that represented dad’s passing. Shortly after a minister came in for a visit and sang an old hymn that was dad’s favorite. Moments later he passed.

About 20 minutes passed. It was just mom, brother and me in the room along with dad’s physical remains. Then suddenly dad and grandmother (his mom who is in spirit) entered the room through an outside wall. They did not come from the direction of higher realms or heaven but from what appeared to be a physical plane location.

Grandmother looked tall and slim, which is how she looked years ago, and no feet. Dad looked about 20 years younger than he was minutes ago except he was short but only because he had no feet or legs. Grandmother, leading dad by the hand, stopped in front of his bed while I observed sitting from behind. Grandmother had a very calm energy and looked down to the bed at dad’s remains in a solitude way. Dad was the total opposite being very much like a 5-year-old in a candy store, looking all over with excitement and not paying attention to the matter at hand. But his smile flattened for a brief moment when he saw his physical body, as though he just remembered what had happened, and looked over to mom wiping her tears. Then grandmother led dad away in another physical direction. It seemed she was giving him a tour! Possibly of all the family members and their homes.

Dad always loved playing the trumpet, played in bands in his early days and was good at it, but I never got to hear him in a band until months later when awakened one morning to the sound of a small swing band playing music. It was dad playing his trumpet in a very snazzy way along with musicians on the other side. This occurred a couple more times over the years.