At the foot of my bed

There have been lots of unexpected visitors show up at the foot of my bed during the night, Mother Mary being one. Here are a few others …

Tree Spirit

During a period I learned to work with crystals and pyramid energies, mainly for the purpose of vibrational therapy and interdimensional connectedness. Clearing devices or crystals of accumulated lower vibrations that they may function optimally is part of the training. I knew about placing the objects in the sun or under a tree and asking the tree spirit if it would assist in clearing them but hadn’t bothered to try it with a tree.

One night I awakened back in my body to find a male spirit teacher and strange visitor standing next to him. The teacher said he was a tree spirit who was willing to assist in clearing the crystals and for me to place them under the tree for approximately 5 days. I could sense it was a pine tree spirit, one which was close to the house.

Following the advice, I continued my training and everything worked fine. It was not at all surprising to me since nature has many ways to clear and heal everything around us. Trees and tree spirits (the real being of the tree) are of course part of natures healers.

Go for a Ride

A strange whirling sound above the house awakened me in the middle of the night. Concerned at first it would awaken others, I noticed the sound was not audible on the physical yet clearly audible on other levels as I drifted in and out of body. Then sensing someone in the room, I looked to the foot of my bed and saw a visitor waiting for me to drift back to sleep so I could travel (OBE & interdimensial via ufo) with him. The visitor was about 5 ft. tall with mostly human appearance.

Mother Visits

One night as I awakened back in my body I heard a lady calling my wife’s name “Marina”. I looked to the foot of the bed and saw Marina’s mother in spirit with 2 spirit guides that I knew holding each of her elbows and having guided or helped her to travel out of body to visit. She was excited and kept calling Marina’s name trying to get her to awaken and notice what she had accomplished. Then they left after maybe 15 seconds.

Marina’s mother lives in a retirement home, a 2-hour drive from us but only seconds away by OBE. Her mother did not remember the experience when we asked her about it.